How Does FMCA Operate? Understanding FMCA’s Structure

FMCA National Office in Cincinnati, Ohio

Did you know FMCA is the world’s largest non-profit RV club? As a non-profit, that means FMCA’s structure is unique. It is owned by its members, governed by elected officers, and has a national office staff that conducts its business affairs.

So how does this all work? Let’s take a closer look at FMCA’s unique structure.

FMCA Organizational Structure


FMCA members can take advantage of many membership benefits and discounts, events, education resources, and more. FMCA has both Family and Commercial members. Family members are owners of RVs, and Commercial members provide either goods or services.

In essence, members have the say in what happens within the club — what benefits are offered, where events are held, etc. In order for this to happen, club decisions are voted on by the member-elected officers. (Depending on the issue at hand, some decisions may go directly to the club members themselves for ballot voting.)

To help connect members and facilitate adequate representation in voting matters, FMCA recognizes 10 geographic areas. Each area coordinates a regional rally for members to attend and offers chapters (special interest groups) for members to join. Areas are managed by an elected president, senior vice president, vice presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer. In addition, the areas also have a governing-board like body that makes decisions for the area.

National Governing Board

In the previous paragraph, you read about chapters, special interest groups that FMCA members can join. In fact, FMCA recognizes approximately 400 chapters across the United States and Canada. Many of them encompass a geographic area, i.e. a group that likes to travel in a certain area like the Ohio Nomads. Meanwhile, other chapters consist of members who own a specific brand or model of RV, i.e. GMC Motorhomes International Chapter. And still others are based on a common interest, such as music, sports, or amateur radio.

Now, remember how we mentioned that FMCA is member-owned and members have a say? Each voting chapter has a representative (and alternate) that comprises the National Governing Board. This group meets once per year at an FMCA international convention to vote on issues. 

National President

Next, the National President is member-elected and serves a two-year term. FMCA’s current National President is Jon Walker, F268778.

Executive Board

As for the Executive Board, FMCA’s 14 national officers and the Immediate Past President comprise the board. This group is empowered by FMCA’s Governing Board Documents ( Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures) to conduct business during the year.

FMCA Staff Organizational Structure


Finally, to help facilitate the club’s day-to-day operations, staff conducts business affairs from FMCA’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The staff establishes a liaison with the RV industry, provides member benefit assistance, helps members to organize their chapters, publishes a monthly magazine, and coordinates FMCA events.

Members: How to Get Involved

So how can you get involved in YOUR club? After all, FMCA is here to serve you, the member, and enhance your RV lifestyle!

FMCA Member Plate

1. Display Your Member Plate

First off, your member number is unique; be proud and show it off! This is a simple way to spread the word about FMCA and to easily identify yourself as an FMCA member. You never know what friends you might make on the road, thanks to FMCA. Get tips for displaying your plaque, or order plate accessories.

FMCA Chapter

2. Join a Chapter

Search from hundreds of chapters. We bet there’s one you’ll like! Have an idea to start a new chapter? Contact us to get started.

Members at FMCA Convention in Perry, Georgia

3. Attend an FMCA Event

You have options — for example, area rallies, biannual conventions, chapter rallies. Or consider attending one of FMCA’s educational events like RV Driving School or RV Basics.

Volunteers on golf cart at FMCA Convention

4. Volunteer!

Every FMCA member has the talents to be shared. For instance, you could volunteer at an FMCA event, or take a leadership position within your chapter or area. FMCA is working to become more “member-driven”. CLICK the image below to learn more and find out how you can help.


5. Share Your Knowledge

As you are probably well aware, RVers are a friendly bunch, who like to share tips and tricks. Likewise, we bet YOU have a lot of tips to share about maintenance, destinations, what to buy, and what not to buy. Chime in on the conversation on the FMCA Forums or FMCA’s private Facebook Group.


6. Participate in Surveys

Periodically, you may be emailed surveys sent on behalf of FMCA staff. We may be looking for feedback about the latest issue of the magazine, your experience at an event, or just your general feelings about membership. Please respond! Your club can only improve by obtaining YOUR valuable feedback.

What questions do you have about FMCA’s structure? Comment below.

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  1. Very well done. Any member can understand the structure and now it will be easier for me to explain, “what is it, you do as a ND”!
    Thank you.

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