FMCA Plate Palooza!

FMCA members, is your membership plate mounted on your RV?  We’re hosting Plate Palooza, a project to help share the ways members affix their plates to their RVs. And we have some special prizes lined up for members like you! Keep reading…

When a member joins FMCA, he or she is sent two “plates” with a unique member identification number. Members are encouraged to affix these plates to their RV. Over the years, these plates have been nicknamed “goose eggs.”

It’s Contest Time!

Help us showcase FMCA plates in every state and province in North America.  There’s two ways to win:

#1 Share Your Plate

Snap a photo of your plate and send it to We’ll feature the photo on this page to give your fellow members ideas on how to affix their own plates. 

The first photo submitted for each state or province will win a prize, and we’ll mark the submission on our map. Let’s see how quickly we can fill the map!


#2 Share A Story

Take the fun a step further! During your travels, have you spotted a member with a plate on his or her RV? Share a photo and a unique story about meeting a fellow member on the road.

Email your story to  Your story will be featured on this page and entered in a drawing to win a special prize.

How To Enter 

When submitting your photo, please be sure to include your name; city and state where the photo was taken; and a short description. Feel free to add any special details that make your photo or story unique.




Disclaimer & Contest Rules

You must be an FMCA member to participate in the contest. When submitting a photo or member story, you are granting FMCA permission to share your likeness and image. 

 If you are a winner in the contest, FMCA will send your prize by U.S. mail. Prizes and contest rules can be changed at FMCA’s discretion.

Plate Accessories

FMCA sells ladder brackets, suction cups, and other supplies to help mount your plate to your RV. To order, click here or call 800-543-3622. 



Member: Bob & Kathie Erickson, F357997
Plate: Attached to rear grill with zip ties
Location: Madison, Alabama


Member: Mike and Kathy Campbell, F465040
Plate: Front grill using twist ties


Member: Michael & Jennifer Truss, F487359
Plate: Mounted with zip ties
Location: Colebrook, Connecticut


Member: Cim & Nancy L’Heureux  F456904
Plate: Plates are mounted inside of the windshield using clear suction cups and on the ladder using brackets.
Location: Middletown, Delaware


Member: Jefferey Robinson, F476539
Plate: Mounted on the rear window door 
Location: Port St. Lucie, Florida


Member: Jeff and Jackie Battle, F408548
Plate: Plates are mounted inside of the windshield using clear suction cups and on the ladder using brackets. And, since we are registered as FMCA emergency hosts, we have a plate at the entrance of our driveway so visitors know without a doubt, they have found us.
Location: Teton County, Idaho


Member: John & Donna Schmidt, F48358
Plate: Mounted on the rear ladder using FMCA’s mounting kit
: Big Rapids, Michigan

New York

Member: Jonathan and Meg Scharf, F441191
Location: Lindenhurst, New York
Plates: attached with the standard ladder attachment that clamps on to the two vertical rails. They eliminate slippage by inserting a small piece of closed cell neoprene that makes the grip on to the rails very tight. 


Member: Chris Rose, F477461
Plate: Mounted on door with suction cups
Location: Tar Hollow State Park, Laurelville, Ohio

Ontario, Canada

Member: Anthony Chessman, F412864
Location: Summer House Park, Miller Lake, Ontario, Canada
Plates: Attached to the bumper beside the license plate


Member: Jeff and Cheree Voigt, F403082
Location: Cedar Creek, Texas
Plates: Ladder mounting brackets 

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