5 More Tips for Attending an FMCA Convention

We previously shared 5 tips for attending an FMCA convention which included the following:

  1. Soak up the RV knowledge
  2. Don’t be shy
  3. Volunteer
  4. Download the App
  5. Do your homework

Well, we’re back with even more tips to make sure your convention experience is wonderful from the moment you arrive on-site until you pull out of your parking space and continue down the road.

Participate in morning/daytime activities

You don’t have to wait for seminars and evening entertainment to enjoy your time at a convention – The fun starts as soon as the sun rises! Socialize with your fellow members at the FMCA Town Center, where coffee and doughnuts are served each morning. A daily newsletter is handed out in the mornings, so you can stay informed and up to date on all the convention happenings. While you’re at the town center, make sure to check out The Frustrated Maestros, a rather entertaining group of FMCA member musicians who play at conventions and rallies.

If you’re looking to start your day out with a little exercise to get your blood pumping, you can participate in The Magic Mile, an event where participants walk, run or ride mobility scooters on a 1-mile course that will take them on a loop throughout the grounds. The best part – It’s for a good cause! Your $10 participation fee will be donated to a local charity!

In the afternoon, make sure to check the schedule for various social activities such as the Ladies Luncheon, crafts and more! 

Explore the surrounding areas

We know that RVers have a certain desire to explore, so we encourage you to check out the surrounding areas near the convention. Whether you arrive a few days early or stay a few days after the convention, make sure to show some love to the local communities that have allowed us to host our event in their town. Every main street in America is a treasure chest of uniqueness, so be sure to check out the small businesses and restaurants.

Generally, local tourism experts set up booths on-site at the convention to answer any questions about the region. They are choosing to be there to answer your questions, so they obviously love to share their knowledge with out-of-towners. Make their day by striking up a conversation with them!

Follow the COVID Safety Protocol

We are all very excited to get back to the action of a convention, but things will not quite be how they used to be. We will have several different rules put in place at the Perry convention that are designed to keep every attendee and exhibitor as safe as possible. 

Below are the rules and protocols that all attendees are expected to follow during the event.

  1. MASKS ARE MANDATORY. Attendees must wear masks any time they are not inside of their RV. Individuals who have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask must wear a face shield.
  2. Seating in all seminars, entertainment areas, and social gathering locations will be set for social distancing. Do not move chairs to be closer to others.
  3. The exhibit halls will feature wider aisles and one way traffic with directional signs located throughout. Please maintain social distancing as much as possible while visiting the indoor exhibits.
  4. There will be handwashing and sanitizing stations set up throughout the activity areas.
  5. Exhibit hours will be from Noon to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 10, and there will be staggered entry into the exhibit halls for attendees to help control overcrowding (see below).
  6. The hours for Morning Coffee & Doughnuts will be extended to 9:30 a.m. to reduce crowding in the FMCA Town Hall (Sheep Barn).
  7. Gatherings of more than eight people without social distancing are discouraged.
  8. While hand sanitizer will be available, it is recommended that you bring your own. Also, water fountains will be closed, so consider bringing your own water for the day to stay hydrated.
  9. Anyone who refuses to follow the guidelines will receive a warning, and if they continue to disregard the guidelines they will be asked to leave the event.

To read more information about COVID and how we are preparing Perrydise to be as safe as possible, click here

Meet the FMCA staff

These are the people who work year-round at our offices in Cincinnati to make sure FMCA is there for you whenever you need it. Whether it’s answering your phone calls, negotiating for new benefits, planning events, or putting together each issue of Family RVing magazine, FMCA’s staff is always hard at work to make sure you can enjoy your RV lifestyle with minimal hassles.

We are easily spotted during conventions as we will all be wearing the same color shirts as one another each day. If you see one of us, say hi! We love meeting our members and hearing about where you are from.

We can’t take all the credit, though. Each FMCA convention would not be made possible without the hundreds of people who volunteer their time to ensure everybody has a fun time. Make sure you show extra love to all of our volunteers whenever you get the chance. They are truly the folks who make these events possible, and they are fellow members, just like you!

Be festive!

We all know that the F in FMCA stands for FAMILY, but who says it can’t also stand for FUN? At the heart of these events, the goal is to provide a fun and festive atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves and each other’s company. If everybody arrives with a positive attitude and radiates that positivity everywhere they go, the convention will become even better!

Share a joke with a stranger. Decorate your golf cart or campsite with festive flags, ribbons and streamers. Wear your favorite party shirt or a goofy hat when you’re walking around the grounds. All of these little things add up to something much bigger and more fun than the sum of the individual parts. 

Need some extra help getting the party started for the convention? We’ve created an official convention playlist that includes several hours of festive music chosen by FMCA staff to accompany you during your week at the convention. Search for FMCA’s profile on Spotify, or listen below.

See you at the next convention

Now that you know how to have the best convention experience possible, all there is left to do is sign up and start counting down the days!

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