The People at FMCA Conventions

Please Note: This blog was written after FMCA’s 99th Convention in Perry, Georgia in 2019. The upcoming “Another Day in Perrydise” convention will look different than other conventions in the past due to COVID precautions. To read about our COVID procedures for the upcoming 102nd International Convention, CLICK HERE.


One thing you’ll notice besides all the pretty new RVs are the people at a rally.  There are lots of them.  And a whole big bunch of them are very nice.

The Workers

Lindsay, along with all the hard-working FMCA staff, was literally everywhere, all week, camera in hand.  You could spot an FMCA staff member in their matching-colored polos at any time without even looking for them. I bet they all collapsed Sunday and probably slept until Tuesday.  Same with the volunteers.  As I’m sure you already know, volunteers certainly are the backbone of any rally.  Security, parking, welcome bags, golf cart drivers, and more were all handled by volunteers.

Just about everyone has a smile on their face, especially the shuttle drivers and volunteers in golf carts offering rides.  As I walked to and from the main area, there was always someone asking if I wanted a ride.  I walked, leaving rides for others, and covered between 8 and 10 miles every day.  Mark is signed up to be a golf cart driver at the “Another Day in Perrydise” convention in March.  I hope his riders are ready for nonstop fun crammed into their little ride.

You don’t have to walk everywhere though; many people bring their own golf carts.  Bikes are also a great way to get around. 

But let’s get back to the people.

Our Neighbors

Dave and Dotti

They were parked behind us at the last Perry convention.  They just sold their house and said they would be taking longer trips very soon.  Unsure of whether they would full-time yet, they were excited about this new life adventure.  This was their first rally. and they were looking forward to everything, especially the entertainment and seminars.  Each day was a HELLO there! and we shared our activities in the afternoons.

On Thursday, I took an Uber into downtown Perry to walk their historic downtown.  When I returned, Dave and Dotti were enjoying a drink on their grass patio.  They asked how downtown Perry was and invited me over for a glass of wine.  I quickly poured one, grabbed a chair, and joined them.  We talked, had appetizers, and talked some more.  I learned how they met, more about their son and stuff they want to do. I had planned on checking out some of the “Block Parties” that FMCA had lined up for the night, but this was exactly where I wanted to be. 

Before I knew it, dinner time had passed, and I didn’t want to mess up their dinner plans.  I had tomato soup waiting for me.  They wouldn’t have any of it, insisting that I stay for dinner, which was delicious by the way.  At the concert Friday night, I ended up sitting pretty close to them.  When the concert was over, they made sure I made it safely back to my RV.  They took great care of me while my husband was busy talking garage doors non-stop at an industry event.  What started as a simple hello turned into a warm friendship over the course of a few days.  These are the kind of people you’ll meet at a rally.

Milo and Donna

Milo is a big Georgia football fan.  Huge might be a better word.  I met them at the Tiffin Lifestyle potluck on Wednesday night when I sat down next to them.  He was proudly wearing a Georgia jacket, and we joked about the Rose Bowl game where his Bulldogs beat my Sooners.  They were both so very nice and made sure to find me and invite me to join them at activities.  We laughed and talked during the morning donuts and at the ice cream social.  Their daughter owns a sandwich shop in Breckenridge, and we both love camping at Tiger Run.  I hope we can be there at the same time on an upcoming trip. 

On Friday night, I wore my red OU shirt just for him, hoping I would be able to find them.  As I walked in the arena and saw how full it was, I thought there was no way could I find them.  I decided to just find a close seat and enjoy the show. Believe it or not, I looked up and there they were, two rows in front of me.  I jumped up and tapped him on the shoulder, telling him I wore this just for him.  We all had a good laugh and they asked me to sit with them.  These are the kind of people you’ll meet at a rally.

Danny and Karen 

They have an exciting story leading up to the rally.  They put their house up for sale on Tuesday and started their full-time life that very day.  Both of them have a military background, lucky ducks with their insurance taken care of, and plan to travel the U.S.  We talked about fun places out west for them to explore.  Their son is stationed in El Paso, TX, so that’s going to be their first destination.  They both commented on how much they learned in the “Full-timing RV Lifestyle” seminar.  She wants to start a blog so we talked a lot about that.  She’s been following my blog for a while and was quite shocked that I am the person she follows. Full disclosure: it was a great moment for me hearing directly from someone who enjoys my little blog.  These are the kind of people you’ll meet at a rally.

Bill and Willemina Flowers

I felt like I already knew them.  They started the Tiffin Lifestyles Facebook group the summer of 2018.  The first official meeting and gathering for the group was at the Perry rally.  Their goal is to promote the fun lifestyle part of RVing.  They even organized and led a summer trip up into eastern Canada.  Did you know he plays Santa during the Christmas season?  I just had to bring cookies for Santa to the potluck.

Who Will You Meet?

These are the people you’ll meet at a rally.  Adventurous and full of enthusiasm about the RV lifestyle. So very nice and helpful.  “Never met a stranger” kind of people who kept a smile on my face all week.

The next convention is in back in Perry next March. Who’s in? You never know who you’ll meet! Click the image below to register!


Meet the Family
I’m Maureen Milne, F446881.  Mark and I are becoming empty nest veterans and you know what, we enjoy it!  We are always on the lookout for the next adventure, our friends call us the X-Games family. We are avid hikers, cyclists and skiers (both snow and water).  Mark does triathlons and we run several races a year.  We’ve been RVing together since we were teenagers and we love traveling with our two grown sons.  I share our RV adventures, RV friendly recipes, wonderful campgrounds and more on my blog, M&M Hit The Road.  You can also find our fun on FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube.  

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