Up Your Campground Cooking: Why You Need a Pie Iron

Tired of cooking the same dishes every time you go camping? Why not try something new like cooking with a pie iron? Everyone loves s’mores and other camping classics, but the possibilities are endless with pie iron recipes. 

Pie iron over campfire
Pie irons from Rome Industries

Don’t let its name fool you. A pie iron is a versatile cooking tool popular among campers. It consists of two concave, cast iron plates attached by a hinge to a rod. It resembles a clam shell. While it looks different than most cooking appliances, it is perfect for making toasted sandwiches, pies, and more.

Using Your Pie Iron 

Before using your pie iron for the first time, you have to season it. This is similar to seasoning anything pots or pans made of cast iron. Seasoning helps protect the cast iron and prevents food from sticking.

To season the plates for the first time, cover both insides with cooking oil and place them in the fire for a few minutes. Make sure you get a good coating of cooking oil, and repeat the process if needed. (Check out this article for a step-by-step tutorial.)

You do not have to season the tool every time you use it, but make sure you wipe it clean with warm water after each use. However, do not soak the cast iron; soaking could possibly lead to rust.

Once your new pie iron is seasoned and it’s time to cook, place your ingredients and make sure to shut the two plates together. Next, place the iron above the campfire, and then you’re done! It’s that simple — the only thing left to do is enjoy your yummy creation.

Endless Cooking Possibilities

Get creative by making sandwiches, quesadillas, waffles, or even French toast. For pie iron recipes and inspiration, visit FMCA RV Club’s Pinterest page. And if you’re still looking for more RV-trip-friendly recipes, look here!

Pie iron pizza pocket

Have you cooked with a unique cooking tool before? What is your favorite campsite dish? Comment below.

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