Checklists for RVing with Pets

Many travelers go RVing with pets. In fact, many have chosen to RV just for the convenience of being able to bring ALL family members along – cuddly or otherwise. FMCA has created two checklists to make RVing with pets a little easier.

Pet Travel Records 

What would you do if your pet becomes lost or injured on an RV trip? It is important to be prepared in case the unthinkable happens to a pet. Having a document on hand with your pet’s identification documentation, your contact information, and your pet’s health facts is a must. Complete this form and make a few copies; keep these handy in your RV to pass along if needed. No one wants to think about something happening to a beloved pet, but being prepared can make a stressful situation better for everyone and return Fido or Fluffy back to the RV sooner! 

Download now: Pet Travel Records


Pet Packing Checklist 

Now on a lighter note…If you are RVing with pets, you know there’s normally a few items that must be packed last-minute. Whether it’s your pet’s favorite toy or a medication, FMCA has created a checklist to help you avoid forgetting any items. Print a copy, and mark items off as you load up the RV!

Download now: Pet Packing Checklist

Are you going RVing with pets? What are your tips for preparing for an RV trip? Comment below.

And be sure to check out FMCA’s gallery of pet photos!

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    • We have each pet’s (1 Corgi, 2 cats) records in a gallon bag under their mats in their travel crates. The Corgi’s are in one of the cat crates as we would leave the coach with him on a leash if need arose. My suggestion is have all animals chipped and registered. Have their information in the Emergency bag inside the refrigerator with yours.

    • I keep the records in my car & my RV. That way, if we are out and about, I have them with me. I also belong to Banfield Vetinary. Usually Part of Pet Smart. Once registered there the records follow you. Banfield is all over the country, so they work for basics if needed.

  1. One of our pooches gets so excited to travel, goes on for two hours – so we give em a baby aspirin – and that takes care of it. Another product per calm. Haven’t used yet.

    • Vets say baby aspirin is coated with something thats not good for dogs. You can get dog aspirins at either pets mart or pet co.

  2. You should add bathing supplies eg soap, shampoo, brush etc. Also I would add medications eg heart worm pills, flea and tick meds etc

  3. Something I learned to carry, (by experience), is called “ESPREE” sap, gum & tar remover. While camping in a pine forest, my little dog rolled in pine sap and pine needles and came out looking like a little porcupine!

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