The Value Proposition Of An FMCA Rally — Knowledge, Networking, And The Right Products for You

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Imagine venturing into FMCA rallies with your RV, where knowledge, networking, and the perfect RV-related products await. Some may envision being lost amid a vast sea of towering RVs, but fear not! There’s a clever way to immerse yourself in the rally experience without getting swallowed up in the RV skyscraper land. Here’s an example for you.

Picture this: you’re an RV enthusiast interested in Leisure Travel Vans(LTVs). You decide to register for an FMCA rally and the Leisure Travel Vans International (LTV) FMCA chapter. By doing so, you’ll enjoy early entry to the rally and The LTV group is parked together, leaving you surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for your coach. This gives you a great spot for the rally and keeps you from being overshadowed by the enormous rigs present at convention.

But what if you don’t yet own an LTV? No problem! You can still sign up for the rally and attend as a guest of the LTV FMCA chapter. Doing so gives you the incredible opportunity to network with LTV owners, gain valuable insights, and make connections before buying your motorhome.

The Story of Mark and Joyce

Mark and Joyce H. of Florida are great examples of two adventurous souls who joined an FMCA rally and the FMCA LTV chapter before they bought an LTV. After an extensive search, they put a deposit on a used Unity twin-bed model from an owner in Maine just before the August 2023 FMCA convention at Gillette, Wyoming. Mark drove their RAM 2500 Campervan to the event, put a big red For Sale” sign on it, and parked near our row of LTVs. Throughout the rally, Mark and Joyce engaged in lively conversations with LTV owners, forging new friendships and gaining invaluable insights about their future LTV ownership.

FMCA International Area Chapters

The FMCA LTV chapter is an International Area chapter. Chapter officers like President Randy Johnson and Vice President Terry Kieper pass on valuable tips to new members and those new to RV life. For example, thanks to Randy and his wife, Shirley, those attending the LTV FMCA chapter pre-rally at Gillette discovered the remarkable opportunity to join the local Elks Club. The Elks affiliation presents new members with countless possibilities for boondocking adventures at Elks clubs nationwide. The Elk International FMCA chapter is another example of the specialty groups within FMCA, typifying the true value of attending an FMCA rally and embracing its unique experiences.

FMCA Rallies Offer Value for All RVers

FMCA events are not just for couples; solo travelers can also find them rewarding.

We ran into Mary D. at the Gillette convention. She’s a longtime RVer who splits her brick-and-mortar time between homes in the Rockies and Texas when she’s not off on a great getaway into the boondocks in her Class B RoadTrek 190. Mary is proof that an FMCA rally can add value regardless of the attendee’s knowledge level. 

“I decided to arrive early and take the RV Basics course. Let me tell you, I learned so much! Although it was fantastic, I did suggest that they should add a half day to the course specifically tailored to Class B owners like me, who need downsizing tips. But overall, it was a great learning !

Benefits From International Chapter Affiliation

Membership in an FMCA International Area chapter can bring extra benefits. For example, the LTV FMCA Chapter joins forces with the SOI Club to help out at the famous Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, in late December and early January every year. In return, chapter members get front-row seats at the parade. Through various initiatives, the FMCA Elk International chapter fosters connections between its members, Elks clubs nationwide, and the FMCA community.

Do you have any special interests apart from your love for RVing? If so, you should check out the FMCA events. Whether it’s ham radio, skiing, or even quilting, there might be a specialty group or international chapter waiting to welcome you at the next FMCA rally.

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