Remembering “The RV Doctor,” Gary Bunzer

It is with profound sadness that we share the news that longtime FMCA contributor and technical editor Gary Bunzer has died in a Seattle, Washington, hospital after a battle with COVID-19 on April 17, 2020.  Known as the RV Doctor, Gary devoted more than 40 years to his passion of educating and helping RV owners, as well as to training RV technicians.  He had the gift of sharing technical information in a way that was understandable to the average RV owner.  Not only that, but you’ve never met a more likable guy. 

He enlightened countless FMCA members through his technical articles in the magazine over the decades, and he solved innumerable problems for RVers via his popular “RV Doctor” question-and-answer column.  He also passed along his technical expertise to thousands of FMCA members who attended his seminars and RV Basics courses at FMCA conventions.  Gary has been a vital part of the FMCA family and the RV industry and his passing leaves a hole in the hearts of many.  On behalf of FMCA, we extend condolences to Gary’s wife, Debbie; his daughters Heather and Gretchen, and his grandchildren. 

Family RVing will publish a tribute to Gary in the July issue. For those who would like to make a memorial donation in Gary’s honor, his family has suggested Samaritan’s Purse and the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

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  1. What a heartbreaking loss. Wishing all who love him peace. Hoping this world will be rid of this insidious virus soon. Take care everyone <3

    • I am a new RV camper owner for the past two years with no experience. I learned about this organization from Facebook.
      It would be helpful if there were someone in my area (Nashville TN that I could communicate with concerning issues important to me. (Sorry about the death of the beloved leader of this fine organization.

      • Hi Thomas,

        Welcome to the RV lifestyle. I’m just a long time member and have no role or responsibility in FMCA’s operations. Here’s a bit of info from my experience.

        Gary wasn’t the leader of FMCA, but he was a wonderful source of knowledge on every imaginable RV and component. He is a major part of why this is such a wonderful and helpful organization.

        There are several FMCA chapters in the Nashville area, and helpful people in all of them. Find a group with similar interests, or the same type of RV, then contact them. We belong to the Beaver Ambassadors Club, but own a Harney Renegade.

        Many chapters are listed each month in the FMCA magazine, along with their rally dates, Zoom meeting times, etc. You may be able to search on the FMCA website by area.

        Also, sign up on for access to lots of help and information. There are special interest forums, newbie forums, and so many threads with great questions and solutions that you can spend days just reading.

        See ya’ down the road. Susan & Richard Lundquist F#301807

  2. What an incredible loss to the RV community and everyone that knew Gary on a personal level. I’ve never known a nicer more genuine guy. Gary will be missed by so many but never forgotten.

  3. I am beyond shocked and saddened. Immediately I recalled some of our many contacts over the decades. He was always patient, unfailingly cheerful, kind and supportive. Words simply cannot express the huge hole I feel in my life at this moment.

    His death is such a terrible loss, on so many levels, to so many. Gary has been such huge part of making the RV living experience safer, more enjoyable, and most of all understandable.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I didn’t know Gary but I watched his RV Doctor videos and enjoyed them. I even learned some stuff! Condolences to his family, a sad time.

  5. What a wonderful man who helped us who were just starting out RVing 11 plus years ago and with his articles. Will miss seeing him at conferences. Our prayers for his family. Take care.

    • I did not know Gary personally, however I felt I know him through the many technical articles and video he offered. He had a talent of communicating in a clear and effect manner. Gary’s passing is a big loss to the FMCA and RV community. My deep heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

  6. To: Debbie, Heather , Gretchen,

    Our condolences for your loss. Gary was a gentleman.

    Ange & Ann Moccia
    Niagara Falls

  7. What a loss to the RVing community. I never met Gary personally but I watched many of his videos and read his comments and publications. What a knowledgable person.
    Condolences to Gary’s family.

  8. Mine was one of two tributes published in the June magazine. I am a retired aerospace technical writer and Gary would have been excellent at analyzing and describing aerospace equipment. In RV equipment that can be equally complex his ability to simply describe complex equipment and circuits is more than learned, it’s a gift. Among other things, I wrote troubleshooting information based on thought and analysis. Gary, on the other hand, had hands-on experience actually doing trouble analysis and repair, and clearly describing it. That is the actual rather than the imagined and certainly resulted in greater accuracy than is possible in aerospace.

  9. I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of Gary Bunzer’s passing. I learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from him thru his seminars, RV Basics course and the RV Dr. column. He was always willing to help you with a problem and his friendly personality made you feel like he had known you for ever. He will be greatly missed and leaves a huge hole in the technical knowledge of FMCA. He will be greatly missed.

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