New Travel-Friendly Technology


Have you heard about FMCA’s new Tech Connect+ benefit package? I recently signed up for the package, which includes a Sprint mobile hotspot with unlimited 3G-4G LTE service. This is a month-to-month plan with no contract and costs $49.99 per month, plus a one-time rental fee of $39.99 for the hotspot device. The package also comes with 300MB of roaming coverage each month, and it provides members discounts on products from companies such as and WiFi Ranger.

I received my hotspot recently, and I was surprised just how easy it was to start using the new device to connect to the internet; so, I made a quick video to show what’s involved. Take a look at the video, and if you have questions or would like details, visit or call the Member Services Department at the FMCA national office – 800-543-3622 or 513-474-3622. You must be an FMCA member to sign up for the package, and your dues need to be paid for a year or more from the date when you sign up for the program.

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Jon Walker

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