Teaching Youth Environmental Responsibility: Recycling And Reusing For A Sustainable Future

As we travel around the country in our Entegra Coach motorhome, we believe in giving back and sharing with others. Part of my mission is to inspire the next generation. The importance of teaching our youth about environmental responsibility has never been more crucial. We had this opportunity at Talona Ridge RV Resort in Georgia and inspired a group of kids to be more environmentally conscious.

I’m a lifetime Girl Scout and love sharing crafts and environmentally responsible camping tips. I learned to make pinecone fire starters when I was a Brownie Scout. One simple way to instill these values is through recycling and reusing everyday items. During our stay, I used the small pavilion near our site to teach a group of kids to create pinecone fire starters using pinecones that I collected in Florida and recycled laundry lint.

There are countless ways to incorporate sustainable practices into our daily lives. By teaching our youth the significance of these small actions, we can help pave the way for a more sustainable future. These kids had a great time cramming lint into pinecones. Their families will appreciate and enjoy using these free fire starters, which also help reduce the use of chemical fire starters that many RVers purchase. I hope they’ll make more as they continue to travel around the country and will share this simple craft with others. This is the perfect, easy craft for tiny fingers to make an impact on our environment where pine trees are abundant in the beautiful Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

There are tons of pine trees around the country, so remember to look for pinecones to use as fire starters. You can easily collect a few pinecones, then stop by the laundry room and retrieve a little lint while you are camping and share the fire starters with others. These fire starters allow you to light the lint quickly, and the glow of the pinecones in the campfire is mesmerizing.

Empowering our youth with knowledge about environmental responsibility is a key step toward creating a sustainable future. By teaching them about the impact of their actions and the importance of recycling and reusing, we are shaping responsible citizens who will prioritize sustainability in all aspects of their lives.

One campfire at a time, let’s transform knowledge into action! As you travel in your RV, look for opportunities to help instill lasting habits to benefit this beautiful Earth. With each interaction, we plant seeds of change within our youth.

Together, we can foster a generation that values recycling and reusing, paving the way for a better tomorrow. Believe in the potential of our children to make a positive impact on the world around them. We can create a legacy of conservation and sustainability that will endure for generations to come. Happy camping and great times around the campfire!

In 2021, Jeri and Kenny Saulsbury sold their home in Texas, moved into their coach, and hit the road, living the digital nomadic lifestyle. When not on the road, they call Panama City Beach, Florida, home during the winter. Follow their adventures on Instagram @RVAdventureTime and Facebook #RVAdventureTime

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