Arizona Sunset Paint And Sip

Arizona Sunset Paint And Sip

Gather the materials, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy!

Supplies suggested for this project:

  • 11×14 canvas
  • Orange primer. I rarely paint on a white canvas and the primer in this case is very necessary to the overall outcome. I use Robert Warren’s Luminous Orange available at You can also create your own by mixing Orange, Saffron Yellow and a touch of white.
  • Image for transfer
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic craft or tube paint. I used the following colors in Americana craft paint; Bright Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Saffron Yellow, Berry Red, Burnt Sienna, Orange, Snow White, Black
  • Paint brush, I recommend an angle ½ inch brush.
  • Paper towels, cup of water

Image transfer process

  1. Print out the line art image. To fit onto a 11×14 canvas, this image is printed on legal size paper (9×14).
  2. Lay the line art over the primed canvas.
  3. Lay a sheet of carbon transfer paper between the image and the canvas with carbon side facing the canvas.
  4. Tape the top image sheet down so it doesn’t move while you trace the image. Another way to transfer an image if you don’t have a copier is to create a grid. You can also choose to transfer the image “old school”.

With the “old school method” you simply flip to the backside of the image and with a regular #2 pencil create a carbon layer by shading the back side of the line art image. Then return to front side of the paper, lay it on the canvas and trace the image.

Step by Step Process

  1. Prep entire canvas with a yellowish/orange base. When primer is dry, lightly trace image.
  2. Follow the pattern, use the Bright Yellow and paint 3 jagged streaks across canvas
  3. Add thin lines of Red and Brown paint between the Yellow.
  4. Thin the red & brown paint color with water and continue to bring below the Yellow streaks
  5. Introduce a White spot into the lowest yellow area to represent the sun.
  6. Extend the sun area on both sides with a white and yellow mix.
  7. Using Saffron Yellow, (dark yellow),edge above and below all the light yellow lines EXCEPT the lowest/bottom line.
  8. Mix Orange and Red, use this color to establish a horizon/ mountain and grass. Use a vertical stroke to indicate the grass.
  9. Mix Brown and Black, paint this mixture over the orange horizon but leave some orange showing at the top edge.
  10. Use pure black to paint in all the cactus. Also use black to paint in the bushes and dirt area.

Use light yellow to paint 3 jagged lines across the top section of the canvas.
Add areas of Red and Brown between the tops of the yellow lines.
Add water to the paint to thin the color and continue to bring the color below all the yellow.
Add a white (sun) spot into the center of the lowest yellow lines
Extend the sun spot on each side with a mix of white and yellow.
Using the darker yellow, edge the lighter yellow lines, EXCEPT the lowest line.
Using a mix of Orange and Red establish a horizon. Use the brush vertically to illustrate the grass.
With a mix of Brown and Black paint over the horizon line but leave enough orange to show. Carry the Brown and Black mix to the bottom of the canvas.
Paint in all the cactus with solid Black. Use black to indicate bush and dirt area below cactus.
Let the paint dry and you are finished. Congratulations!

Copyright/ Cora Newell 2020